December 7, 2010 /

Sweden’s largest news daily now available for tablets

Last week, I wrote about the News Plus platform from international newspaper/magazine publisher Bonnier, that uses Digital Publishing Suite with some innovative implementations of web view and HTML5 in the Adobe Content Viewer, along with support for subscriptions. Today, Bonnier launched Dagens Nyheter – Sweden’s largest daily newspaper – which is now available in the App Store.

Dagens Nyheter uses the web view feature of the Adobe Content Viewer to push live feeds of breaking and updated stories throughout the day. Called the “Live Layer” by Bonnier, this web view implementation allows the publisher to distribute HTML5 video to the reader as well as other rich content. For example, the publisher also plans to add other reader interaction features to this Live Layer, including the ability for readers to comment and communicate with selected reporters/editors about a story. In addition, Bonnier is using CSS3 within the web view layer to render rich, more sophisticated typography. Finally, the app uses a publisher direct model for subscription payments. With the Digital Publishing Suite, publishers can enable flexible eCommerce models – including through mobile marketplaces and direct to the consumer.



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