February 14, 2011 /

Now Available: Content Viewer for Android

In recent weeks, I’ve heard clear excitement from publishers about creating publishing content for the wave of Android tablets coming to market soon (like the Motorola Xoom).  Publishers see the growth of Android tablets as key to enabling maximum reach for their content and also essential to building a profitable digital business. Flexibility in how publishers distribute content across these new platforms and marketplaces will be pivotal to growing readership and monetizing content.

To help our customers capitalize on these opportunities I’m excited today to announce that Content Viewer for Android, part of Digital Publishing Suite, is available immediately for download through the Digital Publishing Suite Prerelease program.  Compatible for use on Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and Android 2.2 (Froyo) devices, this new viewer allows publishers to author using Digital Publishing Suite and deploy that content across platforms and different devices.

Major publishers using Digital Publishing Suite are on board to create and distribute content using Content Viewer for Android.  Condé Nast, National Geographic and Dennis Publishing are among the first publishers to indicate they will use this new viewer to amplify the reach of their content. National Geographic, in fact, is a significant new publisher using Digital Publishing Suite and will soon be launching “50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic” on Android (and also iPad).

In addition to flexible distribution across device platforms, Digital Publishing Suite also enables publishers to choose how they will monetize their content. After all, creating a viable digital publishing ecosystem requires that publishers are able to sell their content on popular devices while maintaining long-established direct relationships with their customers. As such, Digital Publishing Suite supports direct entitlement (where publishers can fulfill digital content by integrating with a print subscriber database) as well as in-app purchase (currently through Apple App store, with planned support for Android Market).  Adobe helps publishers enable their readers to flexibly buy their favorite digital publications from their mobile marketplace of choice  to be read on a wide variety of tablet devices, including the impending wave of Android tablets.