February 23, 2011 /

Drop 10 of Digital Publishing Suite tools now available, including Apple Subscription support

Earlier today we updated the Digital Publishing Suite tools in the prerelease program with new enhancements – including the capability for publishers in the prerelease program to take advantage of Apple subscriptions when integrated with a publisher entitlement server.  This support allows publishers immediate opportunity to start monetizing recurring content via subscriptions.  As I wrote about last week we expect to have support in the near future for Google OnePass to further enable publishers to use flexible e-commerce models that best suit their business.

You’ll also find the following new features/enhancements in drop 10 of the tools:

Pinch and zoom in PDF folios
If you select the PDF export option while bundling, users can use the pinch gesture to zoom in on a page that doesn’t contain interactive overlays.

Localized viewers
The Adobe Content Viewer language interface changes based on the device’s locale settings and including English, French, German, Swedish, Spanish, and Japanese.

Folio renditions
You can create multiple renditions (versions of a layout based on aspect ratio or screen resolution) of a publication for different mobile devices. Content Viewer will download only the rendition that most closely matches the device’s dimensions.  This simplifies delivery by downloading only the rendition of the file that will display most crisply on the device, a key component moving forward as we enable publishers to author once and deploy on multiple devices.

Pagination in HTML stacks
HTML stacks (articles) can now be divided into pages more elegantly.

Of course, Drop 10 also includes support for Android devices through Content Viewer for Android, which I also wrote about last week.