February 16, 2011 /

On Subscriptions, Distribution Channels and Publisher Choice

I think it would be an understatement to say that the announcement of Apple’s App Store subscriptions yesterday was long awaited.  Yes, this subscription model is a step forward for media publishers because it will grow overall demand for digital publishing products. As part of this growth, we expect publishers to continue to look for more control over how they merchandise and price their products as well as more direct access to their customers.

At Adobe, we’re working with our Digital Publishing Suite customers to enable them to have maximum choice in how they sell and distribute their content – whether that’s through app marketplaces like the Apple App Store or Android Market, through direct entitlement via a publisher Web site or through a content aggregator.  In fact, we’ve enabled enterprise publishers like Bonnier to have a direct subscription option since last year, leading to a 15% increase in subscriptions.

Yes, it’s true, the App Store is currently a popular distribution channel. As such, Adobe expects to provide publishers using Digital Publishing Suite the ability to sell digital subscriptions through the App Store very soon enabling readers a convenient, and long awaited subscription option.  And as additional marketplaces, distribution channels and devices come to market (including Android devices, for which we announced support on Monday) we’ll also have options available for publishers to monetize their content in the way that makes most sense for their business.  This approach allows publishers the flexibility to run their businesses they way they need to, because, after all, they’re closest to their customers.



  • By Alessandro Nasini - 6:30 PM on February 16, 2011  

    More channels, more users, more business.