February 2, 2011 /

Streamlining Labs/Prerelease, Drop 9 available

Since we released the Digital Publishing Suite tools last October, you’ve been able to access them from two locations — through the Digital Publishing Suite Prerelease Program and on the Adobe Labs site.  Because the Prerelease Program is able to be updated more quickly than Labs, we’ve made the decision to streamline the programs and focus on Prerelease as the primary avenue for getting the tools into your hands.  As such, in the future we won’t be updating the tools on Labs; however, you can find the latest toolset by signing up for the Prerelease Program at http://www.adobe.com/beta (select “Adobe Digital Publishing Suite”).  This shift gives users the lastest access to new versions of the tools — including Drop 9, which was made available earlier today (the latest version previously available in Labs was Drop 4).  Similar to the Labs program, Prerelease users can also find user forums (which are very actively used, judging from the amount of email in my inbox every morning) to seek advice from each other and solve problems.

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  • By Allysson - 12:53 PM on February 4, 2011  

    Hey guys, could you gives some information on how to embed twitter updates and pools on InDesign digital publishing, the way “The Daily” is doing. If possible of course.


  • By Benjamin Schmitt - 5:16 PM on February 3, 2011  

    Great ! Now lets Hope the Contect viewer Application gets Updated 😀