March 29, 2011 /

New update to Digital Publishing Suite released

Today, we added new features to Digital Publishing Suite that improve the download experience for readers, enable enhanced monetization of content, and improve content rendering.

In this update, we’ve completed substantial work on integration of Apple subscriptions that allow publishers to further monetize their content.  We previously announced support for Apple subscriptions when integrated with a publisher entitlement server.  Now, all publishers using Digital Publishing Suite (regardless of whether they use an entitlement server or not) can enable their readers to purchase digital publications via Apple subscriptions.

Additionally, the new progressive download feature allows readers to read a publication while another one is downloading in the background.   For example, I can read the downloaded March issue of a publication while downloading the April issue at the same time in the background. Previously, users had to wait for a publication to complete downloading before being able to read other issues.  In addition, we’ve also doubled the download speed of publications on iOS.

As we announced previously, we’ve also started laying the groundwork for Medialets integration, which will allow publishers to dynamically deliver high-value, targeted advertising in digital publications. Stay tuned to this blog for more info as we roll this out.

In addition, we’ve also made improvements to the following features:

  • Android Viewer enhancements
    The performance of PNG and HTML stacks on Android devices has improved. Also, Content Viewer for Android supports in-app Web view.
  • Navigation bar customization
    You can add as many as three icons to the navigation bar that display a full-screen web view. These custom buttons will be available when Viewer Builder supports the Drop 11 Content Viewer.

Download the Drop 11 tools from the Digital Publishing Suite prerelease program.



  • By Pete - 9:10 PM on March 29, 2011  

    Downloading in the background is a good step to better download behavior, but that’s not the same as progressive download. Progressive download would mean I can start reading the April issues while that same issue is being downloaded.

    Will this new background downloading continue if I close the App (using iOS 4.2’s background functionality)?