March 24, 2011 /

EMI Music Launches Interactive Album Experience Using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Updated Added video (30 March 2011).

Today, a guest post from my colleague Emma Wilkinson of Adobe UK.


EMI Music, one of the world’s leading music companies today launched a new content-rich and interactive digital experience that brings to life a book and music album through a multi-media iPad App. The first release of its kind is Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Until One – iPad edition’.

Designed and built in-house by EMI Music’s creative team using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, ‘Until One – iPad edition’ delivers one of the richest and most interactive experiences produced by any artist for the iPad.

In the App fans can flick, swipe, slide and tap their way though a rich audio-visual narrative account of life in Swedish House Mafia. In addition to the full nine-track US version of the ‘Until One’ album the app includes:

  • multiple video segments from the band’s ‘Take One’ documentary film including stunning live footage from the DJ booth and behind the scenes access to life in Swedish House Mafia
  • a beautiful interactive black and white photo gallery of over 150 photos
  • first-person written accounts from the band on their journey so far and the people and places that have helped shape it
  • links to live Twitter and Facebook pages to keep fans up to date on the very latest Swedish House Mafia news.

One of the first apps using Digital Publishing Suite that is created and distributed by a non-traditional publisher ‘Until One – iPad edition’ is a really exciting project for the team at Adobe, and a fantastic example of how the music industry is innovating to deliver great experiences to consumers.  In the words of Cosmo Lush, EMI Music’s Vice President Digital Business Development: “The Swedish House Mafia app is an example of EMI’s investment in innovative ways to connect passionate fans with the music they love.”

Download the Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Until One – iPad edition’ in the US or UK App Store



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  • By Rod Hudson - 4:57 PM on March 25, 2011  

    I’ve seen this done much better by a Birmingham based band called 1Eye.

    They made a real interactive piece delivered as a pdf way back in 2008 and were featured in interview by BBC WM as a result.

    This has been around for a while and, I believe, could have been used by EMI to make some of their re-release money-spinners more interesting/informative.

    Worth checking the BBC WM page for 1eye to understand how long this concept has been available – and from whence the idea came.

  • By Harry Hemus - 12:54 PM on March 25, 2011  

    mmm … an interactive item that brings together design, graphics, interaction, imagery, rich media, audio downloads and extraction, streaming, data collation, branding, narrative, discography, lyrics, information, printable fan literature and posters … etc etc etc

    Now then … I wonder where the idea for this came from ?

    C’est La Vie !