March 15, 2011 /

Digital Publishing Suite to Integrate Medialets Ad Platform

It’s been a busy week here at the Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin, with content publishers sharing their best ideas on how to monetize their digital publications.  With Day 2 of the conference all about advertising, we announced today that Adobe expects to integrate the Medialets mobile advertising platform software developer kit (SDK) with Content Viewer in the Enterprise Edition of Digital Publishing Suite.  This integration will enable publishers to efficiently manage and deliver high value, targeted brand advertising inventory in digital publications on tablet devices.

Soon, publishers will be able to insert a Medialets ad overlay as a placeholder for advertising creative directly within an InDesign layout using Digital Publishing Suite authoring tools. Publishers and ad agencies who purchase the Enterprise Edition of Digital Publishing Suite, and who are also Medialets customers, will then be able to deploy rich media creative into the advertising overlay using the Medialets ad platform, allowing targeted ad serving based on dayparting, geolocation and other factors – as well as ad delivery whether or not the device is connected to a network. These targeting and delivery capabilities, combined with the engaging nature of rich media advertising, will give content authors a high-value avenue for monetizing their digital publications.

This integration allows us to deliver a complete advertising workflow to help publishers monetize their digital publications. Brand advertisers can author initial ad assets using Adobe Creative Suite 5, deliver and manage the ads via Medialets, with final publication delivery and optimization using Digital Publishing Suite.  The Medialets SDK will be available with Content Viewer for iPad first.  Medialets SDK will also be available with Content Viewer for Android and the forthcoming release of Content Viewer for Blackberry PlayBook, allowing publishers and advertisers to author both editorial and advertising content once and deploy to multiple platforms. 
Earlier, Medialets CEO Eric Litman commented to me about our collaboration.   “With Adobe as a world leader in helping people create compelling digital experiences and Medialets as the industry standard for rich media advertising on mobile, tablets and connected devices, this partnership is a natural fit,” he wrote. “Our collaboration with Adobe continues our mission of making display advertising much richer, easier to create and faster to execute for advertisers and publishers. We’re excited to see how advertisers and publishers implement Medialets with Digital Publishing Suite to drive engagement and generate higher ad revenues.”

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