April 11, 2011 /

InDesign CS5.5 announced with support for Digital Publishing Suite

Today, the Creative Suite team unveiled a new update to Design Premium, InDesign and other products in the Creative Suite line that includes exciting new support for Digital Publishing Suite. InDesign CS5.5 will ship with tools that enable designers to start creating digital magazines, newspapers, corporate publications and advertising for reading on tablet devices such as Apple iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook (coming soon) and a wide variety of Android tablets for tablet devices. With InDesign CS5.5, designers can use the new Folio Producer toolset to insert interactvity into layouts, preview publications on the desktop, and upload them for final production with Digital Publishing Suite hosted services.

What’s included in the Folio Producer toolset?

  • Overlay Creator panel. Currently available through the Digital Publishing Suite prerelease program*, this panel will ship with InDesign CS5.5 to allow designers to directly insert interactivity into layouts destined for tablet devices.  This interactivity includes video, audio, panoramic views, 360-degree rotation of objects, pan and zoom of images, integration of HTML5 content as well as other additional options.

  • Folio Builder panel. A new panel, the Folio Builder panel will provide access from within InDesign to the hosted services of Digital Publishing Suite.  Users will be able to upload layouts into the Folio Producer service, that allows production staff to reorder layouts, add metadata and prepare .folio files for delivery.  Digital Publishing Suite requires a separate account, which is sold separately.
  • Content Viewer for Desktop. Designers can preview layouts and interactivity they’ve designed using Content Viewer for Desktop before outputting for publication on tablet devices.
  • Digital Publishing Plug-in for InDesign. This plug-in, currently available through the Digital Publishing Suite prerelease program, allows backend components to communicate with one another, and will now ship with InDesign CS5.5.

With the new Folio Producer tools, designers and creative professionals will have the ability to start creating these interactive publications with InDesign CS5.5 at their fingertips.  Emin Kadi, founder and creative director of Clear Magazine (and who has used Digital Publishing Suite to create the magazine’s iPad app), indicates his enthusiasm for the tools as part of InDesign. “Now we’re leveraging the latest tools in Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium to stay at the forefront of technology and design, by creating exciting experiences on tablets like the iPad with 360-degree product views, slide shows, integrated videos, pop-up text and more – almost like a TV channel,” he said.

See how Clear Magazine is at the forefront of technology and design in this short video below:

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 is scheduled to ship within 30 days with availability through authorized resellers, the Adobe.com store in North America, and through Adobe direct sales.

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*The Digital Publishing Suite prerelease program will soon phase out.  Login to your prerelease account for current timeframes and additional details.



  • By Ricardo Canha - 2:46 PM on September 9, 2012  

    Hello, Dave

    I have a doubt. I’m trying to understand what is the real function of the plug-in that comes with the Producer tolls. Why is it necessary? What do you mean by “allows backend components to communicate with one another”?

    Best regards

  • By Matt Smith - 8:36 PM on April 20, 2011  

    If you are looking for “360-degree rotation of objects” you might try “360 product photography” in google.

  • By Ankit Tanna - 6:33 PM on April 12, 2011  

    Thank you very very much InDesign team for creating this feature……. you rock….. cant wait any longer for the release….

    • By Adobe Digital Publishing Admin - 6:05 PM on April 14, 2011  

      Thanks, Ankit!