May 11, 2011 /

Folio Builder Video Tutorials

Today, Bob Bringhurst, Sr. Technical Writer on the Digital Publishing Suite team, brings us a guest post.


With the launch of the Professional Edition of Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe provided a new set of tools to create and publish interactive publications in the .folio format. To simplify the publishing process, my colleague Colin Fleming created a set of instructional videos. Check them out below:

Building .folio files video


Previewing .folio files video


Folio Producer Service video


Thanks, Colin!




  • By Aaron Petz - 2:18 AM on September 9, 2011  

    You had me at hello!!!!! My god, I am happy about this. _A

  • By DJ audible - 10:44 PM on September 5, 2011  

    I find it odd you can’t view these videos on an iPad

  • By Mitch - 9:18 PM on May 14, 2011  

    I continue to get the following error.

    Content generation
    [Error: Invalid value for parameter ‘portraitDocument’ of method ‘exportMiniFolio’. Expected Document, but received /Users/mhagy/Library/Preferences/StageManager.BD092818F67280F4B42B04877600987F0111B594.1/Local Store/dmp/ad_2011_5_14_16_17_43/ad_2011_5_14_16_17_43.folio.]

    • By Mitch - 3:50 PM on May 16, 2011  

      I thought I would add that this is during the Folio Builder portion when I am trying to “stack” or build the article section. I am using CS5.5. Bye the way I have also put in two requests to speak to someone about the DPS Enterprise solution and have yet to receive a call. Good thing I am not in a major hurry.

    • By Bob Bringhurst - 5:51 PM on May 16, 2011  

      Try resetting InDesign preferences. If that doesn’t work, pose the question in the user forum:

  • By Angie - 10:33 PM on May 13, 2011  

    Thanks, Colin! This answered a couple of questions we had. I can’t wait to start producing folios!

  • By Mat - 12:42 PM on May 12, 2011  

    I’d like to see a video of Viewer Builder.

    • By Bob Bringhurst - 11:33 PM on May 13, 2011  

      More DPS videos are on their way. We’ll link to them as they become available.