May 26, 2011 /

National Geographic apps climb to #1 in App Store

Kudos to our friends at National Geographic for the #1 positions of their apps in the App Store last week.  The 50 Places of a Lifetime and 50 Greatest Photographs apps climbed to the top respectively in the Travel and Photography categories of the App Store last week.  Built using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, these apps immerse readers in the rich photography and stunning visuals for which National Geographic is known.  In the recently released 50 Places of a Lifetime app, you can experience 360 degree panoramas, videos, and photo galleries from the world’s greatest destinations with a few swipes of your finger.  The app offers narratives from far and wide – Easter Island to India – as well as interactive facts and a “Personal Places of a Lifetime” checklist.

The 50 Greatest Photographs app, which I wrote about previously and which rose to the top of the Photography category in the App Store this week, features the most compelling imagery published in the history of National Geographic magazine, along with the photographer’s perspective on the story behind the shot. In addition to interactive slide shows showing the progression of the shot, the app also integrates social networking capabilities, allowing readers to share the photos with their friends via email and Facebook.

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  • By d-i-jonline - 12:00 PM on June 24, 2011  

    Congratulations to NatG for that accomplishment