May 13, 2011 /

Adobe on subscriptions & Facebook poll

With The New Yorker launching a subscription edition earlier this week using Digital Publishing Suite, both consumers and publishers will benefit from convenient, recurring content delivery. My colleague Lynly Schambers-Lenox here on the Adobe Digital Publishing team spoke with Mobile Marketer earlier this week about how subscriptions will advance the publishing industry.  “Lack of subscriptions has been a major pain point with which publishers are grappling,” said Schambers-Lenox. “With subscriptions enabled through the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, readers are able to purchase their favorite content at an affordable price. she said in the interview.  “There are other benefits to subscription, including the possibility for auto renewal to reduce churn and increases in ad sales, as more consumers take advantage of subscriptions to purchase digital content.”

Read the full article on the Mobile Marketer Web site and then tell us what you think in our Facebook poll:  Are you going to subscribe to digital magazines, or are you going to buy single-issues?