Reader’s Digest goes mobile, enriches content, and attracts new audiences and advertisers with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite!

Peggy Northrop, Vice President and Global Editor-in-Chief at Reader’s Digest, recently talked to us about how the best-selling magazine is reinventing its brand by going mobile. With Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and Creative Suite software, the digital editions of the magazine include interactivity, video, audio, and high-resolution photos. Reader’s Digest’s digital apps are broadening its audience and attracting advertisers.

Says Northrop, “We wanted to leverage traditional print layout skills and Adobe Creative Suite to create content once, refashion it quickly, and publish it everywhere. That’s what the combination of Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite has delivered.”

Using the powerful, integrated tools in Adobe Creative Suite along with Digital Publishing Suite, a small Reader’s Digest team can efficiently create print, large-print, iPad, Kindle, and Nook editions of the magazine each month. With Adobe solutions, Reader’s Digest has branched into digital realms while leveraging traditional print design skills and tools.

To learn more about how Reader’s Digest uses Adobe Creative Suite and Digital Publishing Suite, check out the customer showcase story.




  • By Waaw - 4:05 PM on July 28, 2011