Successfully navigating the digital technology and business landscape

Watch Todd Teresi, Adobe’s VP & General Manager of Media Solutions deliver the keynote at a recent publisher event in New York City.  Todd covers the evolution of publishing, focusing on the current tablet revolution, and he explores the impact on the industry and new opportunities for publishers.

Traditional publishers, premium brands, and business publishers are embracing tablet publishing, and for perhaps the first time in the “digital revolution” they are truly excited about the potential of a radically new medium.  They are experimenting with different approaches and business models and are rapidly iterating and evolving their digital offerings.  There is tremendous momentum in both the quantity and quality of titles being released to tablets.

Several key trends and challenges are emerging.  The explosion of devices will grow the market quickly, but how do you author for multiple platforms?  How are publishers taking advantage of  new monetization opportunities such as subscriptions, print bundling, cross-promotion and upselling?  How do you attract advertisers to this new medium?  How do analytics help you optimize and plan future titles?  Todd touches on these questions and more in this timely presentation and discussion about this exciting new technology and business landscape.