Updates to Digital Publishing Suite now available

Over the last 6 weeks, the Digital Publishing Suite team has been hard at working continuing to evolve the Folio Producer tools and the hosted services. This latest release focuses on enhancements to the Folio Builder panel, Overlay Creator panel and the Viewer Builder AIR application.

One of the biggest highlights of this release is new support for Android in-app payments.  This allows publishers who want to monetize content beyond the Apple platform to use the newest version of Viewer Builder (v1.4) to create branded applications that support the purchase of single or multiple .folios  through the Android Market.  Readers can now click a buy button in the Android library to purchase content just as they can on an iPad.

Another exciting update is the ability to use Viewer Builder to build a single .folio application for the iPad. Within the Folio Producer Service (available to users with a Digital Publishing Suite account), producers can now publish a .zip file directly to the desktop.  Using Viewer Builder you can specify this .zip file to bundle the content into a single .folio application. This streamlines what was a very cumbersome process to build single issue applications.

Publishers can now specify the languages in which the navigational elements and other chrome of an application is localized using Viewer Builder.  This means that the correct application languages will now be displayed on the Apple iTunes store.

The interactive experience within an application continues to be an area of focus for the team.  To this end, the Overlay Creator panel now supports scrollable frames with embedded hyperlinks and hyperlink buttons through the Pan and Zoom overlay function.

The team also focused on improving the flexibility of updating the different components of the Folio Producer tools  included in InDesign CS5.5 and  available for use with  InDesign CS5.  The Folio Builder panel is now available as a single installer (Folio Builder only installer v1.1.2).   The goal of making the Folio Builder panel available as a stand-alone installer is to allow users to update the Folio Builder panel without having to update the full set of digital publishing authoring components included in the Folio Producer tools installer.  This means that you can continue to create .folio files that are compatible with applications already submitted to the app market places.

Additionally, an automatic update functionality has been added to the Folio Builder panel so that you will be notified to update the panel when the hosted Folio Producer Service included with Digital Publishing Suite is also updated, allowing the Folio Builder panel to always stay in sync with the hosted services.

Other notable enhancements to the Folio Builder panel include:

  • You can now rearrange the order of articles directly in the Folio Builder panel, not just in the Folio Producer Service web client.
  • If you shared a .folio with someone else using the Folio Builder panel, you can now unshare it directly from the panel without having to delete the .folio. You can also use the Folio Builder panel to remove a .folio that was shared with you.

We encourage you to update your Folio Builder panel to take advantage of these enhancements and ensure that your Folio Builder panel is always in synch with the hosted services of Digital Publishing Suite.

FOLIO BUILDER PANEL: Folio Builder Panel v1.1.2 is now available and can be downloaded from adobe.com.



VIEWER BUILDER: Viewer Builder v1.4 is expected to be available on July 25 (pending final testing results) and can be downloaded from the Digital Publishing Suite prerelease site and the Digital Publishing Suite dashboard (for those users with a paid Digital Publishing Suite account).

FOLIO PRODUCER TOOLS: The Folio Producer tools v1.4 which include the enhanced Overlay Creator panel, the updated Folio Builder panel, the Digital Publishing Suite plug-in and the Content Viewer for Desktop will be made available in conjunction with Content Viewers.  The team is taking a new approach of releasing the complete Folio Producer tools when the compatible Content Viewers are available in market. We expect that Content Viewers for iOS, Android and BlackBerry Playbook will be available in early August.

For more information on Digital Publishing Suite please go to Digital Publishing Suite.

For a complete list of all new feature enhancements, please check out What’s New.