Check Out the New Features for Digital Publishing Suite!

Adobe always wants our customers to remain on the cutting edge of tablet publishing as the industry evolves. As mentioned before, the team continues to enhance Digital Publishing Suite at a very rapid rate. Here is a quick sample of some of the new features.

Know Your Customer Better: More In-Depth Analytics

Analytics are an essential ingredient to providing your customers with the most relevant content. If you have a Site Catalyst account and are selling through the Apple App Store, you can now track the type of purchase that a customer makes through either direct entitlement or in the application – including purchase of single issues or subscriptions. You can also track free applications downloaded from the Apple App Store.   On the Android side, single issue payment within an Android app is also now tracked through your Site Catalyst account.

Customizable Viewing Experience

Enterprise Edition customers now have the ability to customize all five navigation icons, including replacing the “Library” and “Viewer” buttons in the navigation bar at the bottom of Content Viewer.  For example, you could customize an icon to point to a blog, a photo gallery, news site or more… it’s up to you based on your merchandizing and business strategy.

Preview on Device – Android

Maximum productivity continues to be a strong guiding principal for feature development.  Users can now preview their apps locally rather than always having to work in the cloud. To test and preview apps on Android devices you can simply connect your desktop to your Android tablet via the USB ports and preview your work almost immediately.  In other words, you can quickly push your .folio to Content Viewer on your Android tablet directly from the Folio Builder panel in InDesign CS5 or InDesign CS5.5 through a USB connection.

BlackBerry PlayBook Features

Viewer Builder now allows you to publish to the PlayBook with greater ease and reach an even wider audience. Viewer Builder now supports the creation of PlayBook applications. Learn more here.

More Updates

For a comprehensive list of Digital Publishing Suite updates, visit the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite help site here.