Sony Tablet Provides New Features for Android Users

As you know, there are lots of entrants in the tablet industry and devices need to stand out from the pack. We want to make sure you are up-to-speed on some the more interesting ones that have come to market recently. The adoption of digital devices is continuing to increase, with more hardware features designed for portable and interactive reading experiences. At Adobe, we get excited about innovations that shape the way readers consume content.
Sony has a new ergonomically designed tablet, giving customers more choices when reading digital magazines and newspapers. For example, the Sony Tablet™ S is weighted off-center for a better grip. The Sony Tablet™ P is a dual screen clamshell device that will open up and read like a magazine or book. Devices are quickly evolving to adapt to user needs and offer consumers greater choice, which we think will drive publication circulation.

Check out the Sony Tablet device specifications here.

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Watch this webinar recording to see Sony Tablet and Select App live demos and learn more about how you can optimize your AIR app for Sony Tablet.



  • By Jenny - 1:50 PM on September 22, 2011  

    Adobe and Sony both are one of my favorite companies but the products are quite expensive!