Video: The iGIZMO Team Talks Tablet Publishing

Next week at MAX, you’ll get a chance to meet both creative and business people who are working in the digital publishing business. Until then, check out the iGIZMO team.

Being a gadget communication company, iGIZMO knows its customers are consuming content on the latest tablet. Join three team members in Dennis Publishing‘s iGIZMO office as they describe what it takes to publish on tablet devices.

If you have already downloaded iGIZMO on either your iPad, Android tablet, or BlackBerry Playbook, you have seen the interactive product reviews and high definition video previews of movies and games. Russell Clark, Creative Director of iGIZMO, describes how Digital Publishing Suite broadens his creative capabilities. “Digital Publishing Suite tools give me the opportunity to make stuff that I used to dream about as a kid… that used to only exist in science fiction and are now reality.”

It’s no mystery that the interactive features have helped iGIZMO expand its readership. Jonathan Kitchen, Commercial Director, shares some numbers with us. “The tablet application has seen a constant increase in new readers. We’re seeing an increase of 2,000-5,000 new readers every week.” The readership and engaging content have also fueled advertising partnerships with HTC, Disney, Range Rover and Mercedes.

Listen to the team at iGIZMO talk about integrating digital into its workflow, creating publications that pique the interest of new readers, and increasing the value of advertising in the publication here.



  • By Icecube Media - 11:55 AM on October 24, 2011  

    IGIZMO well known name in the gadget magazine world and its good to know that its list of readers increasing.