160over90 Takes University of Dayton Viewbook to Apple iPad

A great example of how Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition can be used to create engaging digital content for publication to the Apple iPad was created by branding and advertising agency 160over90 for their client, the University of Dayton. Many universities and colleges send out printed viewbooks each year highlighting their philosophy, academic programs, and campus activities to recruit students. 160over90 is changing the game by bringing real sights and sounds of higher education to the iPad using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite – essentially bringing the University of Dayton campus to the recruit digitally.

For the University of Dayton, the 160over90 team found it easy to leverage the original printed viewbook created in Adobe InDesign and deliver an engaging, interactive digital publication that resonates with today’s students and help them get a feel for the campus culture. Adobe Digital Publishing Suite let 160over90 designers leverage and adapt content that was already created for print, layer interactivity over the top of it directly in InDesign, and give it a new, digital life in a fraction of the time it took to create the original piece.

See how they did it by checking out the video:

Check out the University of Dayton Undergraduate Viewbook app here.



  • By Lisa Fratt - 4:46 PM on July 15, 2012  

    I’m working on a feature about digital viewbooks for University Business and was hoping you might be able to provide some insights into the model, including its advantages and challenges as well as information about how digital viewbooks impact the way schools track connections with prospective students.

    Would you be able to recommend someone who could speak about this project in the next week or so? Thank you in advance for your time and help.

    Lisa Fratt, lfratt67@gmail.com, 715 292-6157