MAX Recap – Reinventing the Brand Advertising Paradigm

MAX Session Recaps

If you were not able to go to Adobe MAX this year, fear not. Our sessions were recorded and posted to Adobe TV for posterity. This week, we will provide summaries of panels that you can listen to if you want to explore the topic further. Although you cannot see a video of the panelists, you can see the demos of their apps. 

Listen to the session and view tablet demonstrations here.

Lalit Balchandani, Entrepreneur In Residence, Adobe Media Solutions

Eric Litman, Chairman & CEO, Medialets
Nicole Johnson, SVP, Director of Technology, Vision, and Delivery, Publicis Life Brands
Christian Plamenig, New Media, Red Bulletin gmbh
Gerald Farro, Business Development, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

“We now have a workflow in place for our creatives to push the envelope…  I don’t think any of us have been exposed to what we’re seeing today and it’s the first time that we really are collectively bringing this to life.”
– Nicole Johnson, SVP, Director of Technology, Vision, and Delivery, Publicis Life Brands

As Johnson’s quote illustrates, we are watching tablets evolve as a medium for consuming content, and the speakers in this MAX session are defining the field of tablet advertising every day. Four panelists discussed some of the issues that leading agencies, brands, and publications are tackling in the advertising world when technology is changing rapidly and new opportunities arise. Listen to them discuss the tablet market, trends in the industry, valuation and the new complexities of dynamic ad serving.

  • The “print-centric” focus of ad creation on tablets is moving toward a more immersive and interactive approach.  Readers’ expectations are raised for ads on tablets because magazines are pushing the limits of content design in the articles. Therefore, it would be an injustice to a brand if the ad did not rise to the level of the core magazine content.
  • Embedded analytics let us know how long a reader spends on an article or advertisement, and that feedback shapes the iterative design of a magazine’s content. While the analytics are helpful, the industry needs a common currency of metrics. Currently advertisers want to be first to market. They want to experiment with the medium. Soon they will demand more meaningful data and metrics.
  • Dynamic ad serving allows messages to change over time on a given page, based on the user’s demographics, behavior and geography.
  • These advancements (content enhancement, analytics, and dynamic ad serving) all increase the value of an ad. The heightened value of digital advertising also creates a demand for more detailed and meaningful analytics. If ad agencies are going to spend more on digital, they also want to know who saw the ad and the level of engagement that it elicited.