MAX Recap – Riding the Next Wave of Corporate Publishing

MAX Session Recaps
We are featuring business publishers on day two of our MAX session recap series. If you are interested in the summary on corporate publishing provided here, click on the link in the post to explore the topic further. Although you cannot see a video of the panelists on Adobe TV, you can see the demos of their apps.

Allen Weiner, Gartner

Robin Brown, Director, Marketing Communications, Biomet Sports Medicine
Josh Pullan, Assistant Vice President, Sothebys
Eric Martucci, Director, Marketing Services, Story Worldwide

Businesses from a spectrum of industries are now adopting Digital Publishing Suite. Listen to the panel and watch app demonstrations on Adobe TV to hear people from medical, retail, brand consulting, and real estate describe their innovative and creative uses of the tablet publishing medium.

Each of our panelists used existing features of Digital Publishing suite: from panoramas and videos to analytics, for the purpose of giving customers a deeper and more thorough understanding of their products. For all of the companies, little staffing was required to build the apps, the level of engagement continues to be high for their customers, and the ability to analyze how the app is used helps them hone in on the facets of design that drive customers toward purchase.


Robin Brown showed Biomet Sports Medicine’s tablet application for their sales team. Historically their sales reps have had to carry multiple materials when showcasing medical devices to surgeons. The app incorporates those materials into one place, including videos of surgeries, 360 views of medical devices, fact sheets, and the ability to order patient education materials while in the meeting. Using analytics, the marketing team has found that because the sales team has more information at their fingertips, they can have longer, more in depth conversations with surgeons.

Eric Martucci of Story Worldwide developed an app with his client RCI, a travel and rental agency. They created a travel magazine that also contained detail on rental properties. Their audience was already using tablets and appreciated the ability to research rental properties using 360 degree panoramas and videos of the locales. RCI can use analytics to understand what content ultimately drives customers to booking rental properties.

Sotheby’s is an auction house that develops 300 catalogues per year for fine collections, including jewelry, watches, wine, and books. Josh Pullan shared a fine art collection app available for their customers, captured with stunning photography at Sudeley Castle. 360 degree rotations and video give Sotheby’s customers a more comprehensive view of the art, accompanied by a narrative that gives background on the artists and their intention. Because Sotheby’s client base tends to be early adopters of tablets, it made sense meet them on their preferred medium.