So Many Options… Which Edition Is Right For You?

There has been a lot of flurry around Single Edition of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite after CTO Kevin Lynch’s announcement at Adobe MAX last week. Now that the dust has settled, you might still wonder which edition is right for you. They all have advantages.  It really comes down to the type and timing of your content or publication, publishing budget, and audience.

Single Edition is built for freelance designers, small design firms, and small businesses. The $395 one-time fee is an affordable option for people who want to publish content that won’t require updating once it is available on the Apple App Store. For example, freelance designers may want to create a single app such as a brochure, training manual or annual report for a client knowing that it will remain unchanged for a significant period of time. Or an author may want to self-publish a highly visual book for sale on the Apple App Store that is expected to have a long “shelf life”.

In a nutshell, Single Edition lets you create single .folio apps. To give a couple of examples, a .folio file is a magazine (with a collection of articles) or a book (with a collection of chapters). Digital Publishing Suite is the tool that converts a set of InDesign documents into a single .folio file and then embeds the .folio into an app.  Once you have published your single .folio application to the Apple App Store, customers can download it at no additional cost to you for as long as you keep it in the App Store. Once you want to make a change to that content – such as publishing a new brochure or next year’s annual report, you need to create another single .folio application and go through the Apple process again. You also need to let your clients and customers know that a new application is available for download from the App Store.

Single Edition is a fast and affordable way to get into the digital publishing game. It is perfect for those users who want a straightforward approach to publishing tablet content and who do not require reader analytics, integration with back end systems, viewer customization, advanced merchandising capabilities or the ability to serve content privately within an organization.

If you want to leverage your Creative Suite knowledge to create engaging tablet versions of your print publications, and need the ability to efficiently publish tablet content on a one time basis, Single Edition is most likely the best choice for you or the clients and customers you service.

Single Edition will be available for purchase in North America through store using a credit card in November.

Professional Edition is designed for mid-size organizations and publishers whose content is released or updated several or multiple times a year. Professional Edition provides an out-of-the-box tablet publishing solution that supports the ability to publish multiple .folios into an existing application.  Like Single Edition, tight integration with Creative Suite streamlines the creation and design process of tablet content.

With Professional Edition, every time you make an update to your content, such as adding this month’s magazine issue – you create a new .folio which is then distributed into an existing application already installed on a tablet device.  Your reader or customer gets a notification within the application that new content is available.  Unlike Single Edition, there is no need to re-submit the application to the app marketplace nor re-notify readers that new content is available.

Professional Edition includes both a platform fee and .folio download bundle fee. There are now two ways to purchase the Professional Edition platform fee: monthly ($495) or annually ($5,940). The monthly platform subscription fee will be available for purchase on store via a credit card in November. For more information on pricing, check out the buying guide.

Professional Edition is great for organizations that don’t require extensive customization or access to more advanced functionality such as direct entitlement or merchandising within the application.  Professional Edition provides complete flexibility to efficiently publish new content into an existing app which can reduce the amount of marketing and communication outreach necessary to acquire or retain existing readers or customers.  It also allows for broad content reach across multiple platforms with the ability to publish to the iPad, Android and BlackBerry devices, as well as access to analytics that give insight into reader preferences.

Enterprise Edition is the right fit for large publishing entities, corporations, membership organizations and  advertising holding companies that want all the features of Professional Edition as well as the ability to leverage their print subscriber base to drive digital circulation, create customizable HTML store pages within an application, publish private, in-house applications or deliver custom branded viewers that allow readers to access  RSS feeds or other web content within the viewer.

Customizable store pages allow organizations to effectively cross sell content and other products and services directly within the application itself.  Within a custom store, the publishing company owns all display decisions ranging from colors, fonts, layout, and descriptions. Even more important, a custom store provides access to Omniture data to ensure that marketing strategies are delivering the expected results. The store contents can be modified and optimized continually without redeployment of the application thus allowing organizations to ability to improve or modify as marketing and analytic feedback requires.

Private, in-house applications are ideal for information that is exclusive to internal teams. For example, if a sales team requires access to confidential information such as a sales proposal or price list, this gives the company comfort in knowing that the content is not distributed through a public venue such as an app marketplace.

This has been a quick overview of the three editions. The chart below further summarizes the differences. For even more detail, visit the Digital Publishing Suite Features page.



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