Digital Publishing Suite Community Discussion

Recently, we hosted a Connect session designed especially for customers so that we could share the latest Digital Publishing Suite updates, answer burning questions and provide sneak peeks into the next stage of the product roadmap.

Connect to the pre-recorded session here. Zeke Koch, Director of Product Management, provides a personalized view into Digital Publishing Suite. You’ll get a feel for how the Adobe product team is working side by side with customers to listen to their ideas and address their needs.

Highlights include:

  • Single Edition release
  • Professional Edition Monthly release
  • Support for Amazon Kindle Fire Newsstand
  • Overlays in scrollable frames
  • Resolved issues
  • Account administration
  • Expected features in the next release




  • By Thad Josey - 11:22 AM on December 17, 2011  

    When the IPad was originally announced, I immediately saw the endless possibilities and felt confident that this new direction in technology would be the saviour for the declining magazine business. I immediatly purchased IPad 1 and began researching, following and studying Adobe’s approach (Wired), and was blown away by what possibilities were unravelling. A lack of vision, understanding and interest by my Publishing company concernig this revolutionary movement just would not register with the brains of our intelligent executives, and I could ignore it no longer! A year ago, I left my cushy Editor position to set out and create my own Digital style pub, but I can’t understand why iPhone is not included to work similarly to the tablets! Most everyone has a smart phone, but tablets are slowly trickelling in. In order for my magazine to succeed, I must include mobile devices as well. Any plans for adding iPhone and android phones or suggestions as to how I could make this happen? I read magazines on my phone and it’s. Quite pleasurable to me.

    • By Alo's_Creative_Design - 4:46 PM on January 10, 2012  

      @Thad : My opinion – DPS for mobile smartphone device is obviously a tremendous market though. But i guess there are a number of technical reasons due to which DPS starts @tablets level. One major reason is, DPS with with its cutting-edge technology is offering one of the most interactive mags ever. Thus, your design/content and interactivity is for sure going to render and requires a high end device like the tablets, which mobile devices cannot handle due to low hardware configurations.

      I just love DPS and its roadmap 🙂 It just makes me sleep better at night knowing i’m ahead of the game with this kind of technology in the Digital marketing.