Monetization Models through Leading App Stores

Publications produced using Digital Publishing Suite can be downloaded from the stores in the chart below.  App Builder enables publishers to choose from several different distribution options to create a publisher-branded viewer based on the targeted mobile platform. Bookmark this page, as it will be updated when new stores and devices are enabled.
Types of Apps
  • Single-.folio – allows readers to view a built-in single-.folio file (or single-issue file), which is combined with the content viewer into one app. Once it is built, the single-.folio file remains unchanged. Examples: Van Gogh’s Dream, JFK: 50 Days, and NASA Earth as Art
  • Multi-.folio– allows readers to browse a publisher’s content library and select from a collection of issues (.folio files) that are hosted and fulfilled through the Distribution Service of Digital Publishing Suite. Examples: Martha Stewart, Red Bulletin, and Sotheby’s.

Type of Distribution

  • Single-.Folio Purchase Via App Payment System (In App Purchase)
    • Single-.folio apps, such as a book or portfolio, are sent to the app store once and remain unchanged. A built-in single-.folio file is combined with the content viewer into one application and hosted via the store.
    • Multi-.folio apps allow publishers to sell a single issue (or .folio file) from a library of content. This is akin to purchasing a single issue of a magazine without a subscription.  The purchase transaction is supported through the app store via the in-app payment system.
  • Subscription via Store  – allows publishers to create a multi-.folio content viewer that can add new .folios as they become available.  Readers pay for the subscription through the store’s in-app payment system and receive a download notification upon release of a new .folio.
  • Direct Entitlement – allows publishers to provide its subscriber base access to digital content from within an installed application on the tablet device. The advantage of direct entitlement is that it allows publishers to maintain customer contact information and drive greater digital circulation. Content Viewer authenticates a print subscriber against a publisher’s print subscription payment server to provision access to the digital publication.

Types of Apps

[Updated – February 2012]



  • By Gracinda - 3:06 AM on June 24, 2013  

    And if I want to publish a free publication. How does Apple calculate its percentage?
    I also tried to find informations about the costs/fees of the others app stores (Amazon, Google Play). Can you tell me where can I find them? Thanks

  • By Isa Romero - 1:32 AM on January 7, 2013  

    Hello I would like to know how it works the number of downloads of the .folio because that is not clear to me, once you publish a magazine in the app store for example, every time someone downloads it is going to cost 0,30 cents? and I need to buy this in a volume of 10 000? this is what I understand please correct me if I am wrong

  • By tdemel - 6:53 AM on November 17, 2011  

    Heather: Yes, Apple will take 30%.

  • By Heather Derocher - 12:38 AM on November 16, 2011  

    I want to buy the single edition in order to publish a small exercise publication. I understand it will cost me $395 for a single folio upload to the apple app store. But what other costs/fees will I be facing? If I set a price of $10 or $20 for my publication, what percentage will Apple take from each purchase?

    I can’t seem to find this information anywhere. I thought Apple was taking 30% of all apps sold through their store. Is this correct?

  • By Peter Villevoye - 8:09 AM on November 13, 2011  

    This page seems to be a good start for offering an overview into the complex world of distribution. It reveals some new info (hey, look, the Kindle Fire!) and clears up a lot of confusion about the whereabouts and costs of a “single” edition (so there are two versions).

    Just for the sake of preventing any misunderstanding, please check if the bullet list correctly reflects exactly the same wordings as the chart below it. At this moment, I’m still wary about the stated “Free” type of distribution, the flipping terms “folio” and “issue”, and the meaning of the sometimes tossed in “platform” store (do you regard it as any sales system of the ADPS or the device brand’s store?)

    • By Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Team - 11:29 PM on November 15, 2011  

      Peter, Thanks for your feedback. Is our updated version helpful?

  • By Irvandys - 6:56 PM on November 11, 2011  

    Great news!
    I have a little (dumb) question:

    Single Folio=Apple App Store=Free?

    is it right? Thank you!

    • By Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Team - 9:08 PM on November 15, 2011  

      You can either sell a single-.folio app for free or you can charge for it. Single-.folio apps are only available in the Apple App Store right now, and are not yet available for Android or Amazon.