New whitepaper: Digital Publishing Suite Analytics Service

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As publishers turn to highly designed tablet publications to engage their audiences, they have new analytics to guide them in creating high-performing content that drives business results.  Traditionally, publishers have relied on measurement techniques like market research, focus groups and online surveys to gauge the performance of their content. While these methods have been useful in the past, with digital analytics publishers can make more frequent and timely analyses that provide a greater level of detail than traditional techniques.

Better insight into editorial engagement allow corporate and media publishers to select editorial themes and interactivity types that resonate with a publisher’s audience – and drive additional content sales.  Additionally, seeing how users interact with ads in a digital publication helps publishers identify the most engaging ad formats and placements, and establish premium pricing for those units.

Today, we’re launching a new whitepaper that details how Digital Publishing Suite integrates with the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite to provide analytics for digital publishers.  The whitepaper outlines the different levels of reporting available with this integration, including:

Since Adobe Content Viewer is preconfigured to provide these analytics, publishers don’t have to manually tag content in their app for analytics reporting.  Additionally, Digital Publishing Suite Professional and Enterprise Edition users have access to standard, base analytics reporting on application installs/launches, folio downloads, and article performance.  Publishers with an Adobe SiteCatalyst subscription (available as a separate purchase from Digital Publishing Suite) can access digital publishing data directly in SiteCatalyst for advanced analysis, leveraging the full suite of SiteCatalyst report categories.

(Click to enlarge image)- Standard, base analytics reporting available to Professional and Enterprise Edition users

(Click to enlarge image)- Standard, base analytics reporting available to Professional and Enterprise Edition users

Download the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Analytics Service whitepaper to learn more about the available analytics reports that help optimize content performance and drive positive business outcomes.