Small Team at Boxoffice Media Builds Weekly App

Boxoffice Media, publisher of the weekly Boxoffice magazine trade publication for the National Association of Theater Owners since 1920, has now unleashed a weekly iPad publication for the general public. Each Thursday, Boxoffice’s small team releases a new issue of Boxoffice Weekly. Amy Nicholson, Editor, provides content and Ken Bacon, Creative Director, builds each issue using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

With a trade publication at the heart of Boxoffice, owner Peter Cane recognized the potential to reach a wider audience of moviegoers. The trade magazine reaches over 15,000 industry insiders each year. However, in the past year, 185 million people went to the movies 1.4 billion times. While the monthly trade magazine includes technical development, digital cinema, and best practices content for theater owners, Boxoffice realized it could also make some of the more mainstream content available to the rest of us: interviews with movie stars (Hear Kermit discuss collaborating with Jason Segal), information about the characters, actors, and director (What is it like to make the Muppets without Oz and Henson?) and lots of trailers.

In order to meet the publication’s tight deadlines, Bacon needed a turnkey solution with a short learning curve. Being familiar with the InDesign CS5.5 software and workflow allowed him to get the operation up and running. As Bacon said in an interview, “Making our weekly publication deadline couldn’t be done without Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. The end-to-end workflow tools in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite make it easy to add interactivity, preview and test articles, and publish our digital edition in just a few days.”