How Do You Build a High Functioning App?

McPheters & Co, whose iMonitor service evaluates publication based apps, posed the question in an Ad Age article: What can publishers do to reduce the number of app malfunctions? Customer service is important for publishers, and it’s imperative that apps function smoothly and provide benefits that customers deserve. The main problems that McPheters found when reviewing over 3,000 apps were related to authenticating existing print subscribers through direct entitlement, as well as various display problems: broken links, page load failures, and problems with audio and video.

Rebecca McPheters, CEO, interviewed Adobe Digital Publishing Suite evangelist Colin Fleming. Overall, the best solutions involve aggressive testing and good customer service. Similar to publishing in print, proofreading content in advance and providing customer service within the application are key.

According to Fleming, “Publishers can avoid many of these pitfalls by becoming better informed, following guidelines and testing applications thoroughly. Bad links and display issues should be uncovered in testing, much like proofreading content before it’s published.”

Want to know more? Read the article in Ad Age.



  • By Alma Strutt - 10:41 AM on January 14, 2012  

    All the more reason to give users correct training.