Multimedia Writer Tells a Love Story with Digital Publishing Suite

Renowned Taiwan author and director Giddens Ko dreamed of a medium that could touch, inspire and engage his audiences by adding depth and context to the stories behind his works even better than his blog already did. He discovered that with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, the ebook app “We Meet Once Again”, supporting his new film “You Are the Apple of My Eye” had the power to become the best record of his film work ever.  said:“ Apple injects a fresh, tart edge to the genre with a constantly self-mocking boys’ angle. The comedy is crowd-pleasingly raucous …” in a review posted here.

Author of more than 60 online books, many of Giddens’ works have been adapted to film, television, comics and games. In 2011, a major Hollywood studio bought the rights to his story ‘The Killer Who Never Kills’ marking the first time a Taiwanese story has been optioned by a major studio.

Now, Giddens’ enormous fan base in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and across the world can discover more about the stories and films they love with eBooks featuring stills, video, director’s commentary and more; all created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Once again, Giddens’ unique vision is setting new standards for creativity in Taiwan and inspiring a new generation of story-tellers to push the boundaries.



  • By Carol McDonald - 4:59 AM on September 6, 2012  

    Great video! Truly inspiring! 🙂