The Data Speaks: Readers Love Their Digital Publishing Apps

Today, Adobe unveiled data that shows tablet magazine readership is engaged and willing to pay for high value content. In the last year, readers have downloaded 16 million publications built with Digital Publishing Suite. These people are purchasing the majority of their content and taking advantage of built-in interactivity.  This high level of consumer engagement bodes well for the future of the digital publishing industry. If you are still wondering whether readers want you to publish to the tablet, the answer is a resounding yes.

The metrics that Adobe is releasing today are based on anonymous, aggregate data of approximately 1,500 apps that have been produced using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Readers Purchase High Value Content on Tablets

68% of consumers worldwide pay for digital magazines built with Digital Publishing Suite.
•     15% of purchases are single issues
•     26% are subscriptions through the tablet app store
•     27% are through direct entitlement (bundling digital with print subscriptions)

Digital Publishing Suite provides a flexible model that publishers use to deliver free issues and subscriptions. Publishers can cross-sell and upsell content to consumers because the app purchasing process is tightly integrated with readers’ buying habits. In addition, tablets create the expectation that users will purchase content. Both Amazon Kindle Fire and iPad were designed to make it really easy for people to purchase content. Readers expect to be able to purchase high quality content on their tablets, and making a purchase does not require them to pull out a credit card and interrupt their lean-back experience, but instead they can press a button and immediately own the content.

Readers Value Interactivity and Invest Time in Digital Publishing Suite Apps

Consumers use nearly half (48%) of all interactive features in a Digital Publishing Suite publication, with the most popular being videos and web views.

Designers instinctively know that interactivity heightens the reading experience, and our results verify that readers value the videos, slideshows, and web views provided in Digital Publishing Suite publications. We built interactivity into InDesign so that designers can integrate features for digital into their print workflow and maintain control over the look and feel of a publication. Therefore, publications built with Digital Publishing Suite not only maintain the design and quality of a print publication, but also allow readers to dive more deeply into editorial that fascinates them. And it is not a coincidence that…

Consumers tend to open a Digital Publishing Suite application up to five times per month on average, and over half (56%) of readers spend between 25 minutes to 2.5 hours a month reading their digital titles.

Thanks to the high quality engaging content provided through publications and the increasing integration of tablets into our daily rituals…

The average amount of time spent consuming content has increased 70 percent over the last six months.

Readers want to purchase a high quality publication that encourages exploration into beautiful and engaging editorial and advertising. Enthusiasm for tablet publishing is on the rise, which bodes well for the publishing industry.

  • If you attend Mobile World Congress is this week, please stop by the Adobe Systems booth where Andreas Hollstroem will be speaking about Digital Publishing Suite.




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