App of the Week – PC Magazine

This week’s Digital Publishing Suite app of the week is PC Magazine, designed in partnership with Joe Zeff Design. PC Magazine has consistently evolved its digital strategy to meet its users on their preferred media. It released its first issue yesterday on the iPad, and has fully embraced interactive overlays in order to clearly illustrate device features for its tech-savvy readership.

Here are some highlights of PC Magazine on the iPad:

–        High definition photographs of featured devices, utilizing 360° rotation and slideshows
–        Up-to-the-moment twitter feeds from industry experts alongside long form informative content
–        Clean navigation and usability

Watch the video here:

For more information:

–       Read the Adobe case study on PC Magazine
–       Check out PC Magazine in the app gallery



  • By Phil - 10:30 PM on April 5, 2012  

    Very cool!

    How does the Digital Publishing Upgrade process work? Is the Publishing suite upgraded each time there is a new version of the creative suite, or is it ongoing. If the latter will it always be backward compatible or will there be times where “the next update requires CS_ or higher”?