Build Your Analytics Toolkit at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit

Want to know how to optimize your tablet content for business results? Join us at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit and attend the session: Tablet Publishing: Using Analytics to Drive Business Results on Thursday, March 22 in order to understand how to hone your editorial and advertising strategy based on reader consumption of content. Learn how Adobe is collaborating with publishers to refine content for highly immersive publications based on metrics around tablet usage. Want a more in-depth understanding of Digital Publishing Suite? Adobe evangelist Colin Fleming will also conduct a full day Training on Digital Publishing Suite on Tuesday, March 20th.

Details for both sessions are below. In addition to the Digital Publishing Suite sessions, we also recommend the Media Monetization sessions designed for publishers. Speakers from Condé Nast, Yahoo!, Forrester, and Adobe will discuss driving return for advertisers, thriving during digital disruption, measuring audiences across channels, and the evolution of digital publishing. You will walk away with a sense of how extended, drill-down analytics can drive success in your business.

Digital Marketing Summit
Mar 20-23, 2012
Salt Lake City, Utah

Tablet Publishing: Using Analytics to Drive Business Results
Laura Winner, Condé Nast Publications
Michael Goldstein, Senior Consultant, Adobe
Thursday, March 22, 11:00 AM
Print isn’t dead, but it is dramatically changing. The argument now isn’t so much about where content should live, it’s about that content should live everywhere. With this publishing revolution, media and business publishers are taking a hard look at how they can transform themselves with so much information consumed on tablets. Hear how Adobe is collaborating with other companies to create the next generation of how consumers view and interact with publications on tablet devices and how to optimize those publications for success. The integration of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and Adobe Digital Marketing Suite allows tablet publishers to fine-tune content and advertising inventory as they develop high-impact, immersive publications for tablets.

In this session, learn:
• How analytics help tablet publishers select editorial themes and interactivity types that demonstrably resonate with an audience
• How insights into user interaction with advertising helps publishers identify the most engaging ad formats and placements and establish premium pricing for those units
• Best practices for applying analytics into the day-to-day tablet publishing workflow

This session is for publishers who run or interested digital magazine editions.

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Pre-Conference Training
Conducted by Colin Fleming, Digital Publishing Evangelist, Adobe
All day: Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is a complete solution that lets individual designers, traditional media publishers, ad agencies, and major media and brand organizations create, distribute, monetize, and optimize cutting-edge interactive content and publications for tablet devices. Efficiently bring your tablet content to market. Smooth integration with Adobe Creative Suite® 5.5 software and tight control over the complete application creation and publishing process empower you or your design and production staff to deliver engaging tablet documents that meet even the most intensive deadlines.

In this course you will learn how to use Adobe InDesign and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to design and layout mobile documents and build single-issue and multi-issue viewer apps. These apps will deliver innovative reading experiences, interactive content, and high-impact advertising on leading tablet devices that get consumers more deeply engaged with your content and your brand. Additionally, you will see how easily Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite ties in with Adobe SiteCatalyst analytics.

Participation in this course requires an intermediate knowledge of Adobe InDesign and use of a Macintosh computer (to be provided). Time will not be taken during class to bring students up to speed on how to move around in the InDesign product.