Business Case for Tablet Publishing

Are you still wondering if you should publish to tablets such as the iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire? How do you know if your business will make money on those formats? How will the growth of the tablet industry impact publishing?

In this video, Zeke Koch, Senior Director of Product Management at Adobe, discusses the business case for publishing to the tablet. He addresses major questions that businesses new to tablet publishing are pondering:

  1. Why should publishers deliver content on tablets?
  2. What kind of resources are required to migrate content to tablets?
  3. How do publishers make money on tablets, and how is that different from websites?
  4. Why should publishers move content to tablets now?

Koch addresses each question based on his experience collaborating with publishers who have forged a path in digital publishing. Some highlights are below. Watch the video for a more in-depth understanding of where the industry is moving and why publishers need to include tablets in their publishing strategy.

  • Readers are willing to purchase content on tablets.

People who own tablets expect to purchase content because, in contrast with the web, tablet content is often considered higher quality than web content because the rich reading experience enabled through applications. A reading experience that often mimics print – but offers a higher level of engagement -that keeps readers coming back to their favorite brands on tablets. Tablets are a great way to invest in and acquire new readers, as 40% of people who purchase magazines on leading tablets are net new subscribers.

  • Publishers can use existing resources to publish to the tablet. 

With Digital Publishing Suite, designers who do layout for print can easily do layout for tablet applications. Using the Adobe solution, designers can add interactivity and maintain control over the branding and design of a tablet publication. Therefore, companies and organizations can often create tablet publications with existing design and production resources, giving creatives complete control over the experience and quality of the application.

  • Advertisers are willing to invest media dollars in tablet advertising.

Even though the web has ten times as many readers as tablets, advertisers can reach a more targeted audience through tablet applications. Plus, recent research from Adobe indicates that tablet readers tend to also be more affluent and more than 3X likely to make a purchase via ecommerce than those readers who consume content or shop via mobile phones. In a nutshell, advertisers can reach a premium set of readers who are willing to pay both for tablets and the immersive reading experience that they provide.

  • Within the next few years, virtually everyone will have a tablet.

Tablet adoption is on the rise. Soon, readers will expect that many publications as well as other content currently in print will be available on their favorite tablets. Publishers, organizations and corporations need to migrate content onto tablets today in order to meet the growing demand of the marketplace.

Watch the video here: