Vogue Launches on the New iPad!


Vogue, built with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, was released on the new iPad on Friday. It’s apropos that Vogue would be a trendsetter and lead the publishing industry into the new iPad era. Both fashion and publishing build their business on stunning photography, which is enhanced by the new iPad’s retina display. With four times the pixel density, it makes every image pop: runway shots that exhibit vibrant displays of cutting edge fashion, rich and colorful video of Jennifer Lopez’s cover shoot, captivating photographs by Annie Leibovitz, and crisp typography throughout. Also, after I downloaded it on my new iPad, the folio installed incredibly fast.

When you open up the app on the new iPad, check out the ads. Tablet ads are already worth more, because of the audience that they reach and the type of content that they sit alongside. The rich colors in Revlon makeup ads are eye catching, drawing in the attention of a premium audience. The crystal clear, backlit Versace image has a veritable glow.

Below is screenshot of the Jennifer Lopez video, followed by a comparison of two images: one with the iPad 2 (top) and one with the new iPad (bottom). Check out the resolution on the typography. This level of detail, even in the photo captions, gives the layout an even cleaner, crisper look and feel.

Jennifer Lopez Video Screenshot

Vogue Image on iPad 2

Vogue Image on the New iPad

Stay tuned. We’ll talk more about Vogue on the new iPad this week, and what this means for the publishing industry. In the meantime…

· Visit the Digital Publishing Developer Center for initial guidelines on publishing to the new iPad
· Download Vogue from the app store