A Healthy Relationship: Medical Companies and Digital Publishing Suite

The medical manufacturing, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have a real opportunity for improved patient and healthcare provider engagement through tablet applications. Apps can help life science organizations in myriad ways – including establishing positive, ongoing brand relationships between health care professionals and patients, accelerating the sales cycle and delivering higher recall rates to drive revenue and build market share, leveraging mobile marketing channels to expand reach of brand and content, and maximizing organizational efficiencies. The following types of apps are showcased in the App of the Week video, which features medical and dental apps.

  • Sales apps can quickly deliver product information to busy healthcare professionals and increase the effectiveness of the sales process
  • Medical journal apps using interactivity can provide more comprehensive professional development for health care providers
  • Patient education apps can drive brand awareness and deepen patients’ health care knowledge, allowing them to take better control of their health care

The Digital Landscape

  • Everyone’s Going Mobile

Today’s environment is rapidly evolving, driven by the proliferation of devices people use to consume content –  both at home, at work and on the go. Not too long ago, healthcare professionals and consumers depended solely on their desktop computer or laptop to access online information. Now, a growing number of healthcare providers and consumers are likely to seek out content across a multitude of devices on a daily basis.

  • Patients are Researching on Devices

Patients want to be in full charge of their medical and health care decisions and are researching and learning about disease, disease management and therapies on their own.  Tablet applications offer the opportunity to more effectively inform patients and establish product preferences.

  • Health Care Providers Rely on Mobile Technologies

We know that healthcare providers are using devices while at work. Surveys conducted for the pharmaceutical industry in mid-year 2011 found that 64 percent of doctors have a smartphone, while 27 percent of primary care providers and specialists say they have a tablet.

In the past year, pharma investments in smartphone apps, social media platforms, and wireless devices have grown 78 percent, according to Ernst & Young’s Annual Global Pharmaceutical Report.

Ownership of devices by pharma/health sciences industry is 5X general population.  1 in 5 physicians plans to purchase a device in next year (Epocrates, survey, 2010)

Sales Apps
Today, sales reps are under increasing pressure to represent more products in less time. Historically, reps had seven to ten minutes with a physician, and now they only have two to four minutes. In addition, they are responsible for a broader array of products. Essentially, they need to entice the physician with more compelling information in less time.

Roche has armed their 31,000 sales reps with iPads in the last year. As tablets make their way into the enterprise as sales tools, sales teams can integrate all customer-facing information into one tablet app, such as white papers, product information, and surgery videos, reducing the cumbersome materials associated with the sales cycle. At the end of the sales meeting, the salesperson can also order patient brochures and other ancillary materials for the doctor without leaving the app, streamlining the sales process.

Product Detailing
Tablet apps can quickly and cost effectively deliver product information to busy health care professionals. In a survey conducted with 100 physicians, two-thirds had viewed details on a tablet device, and 68% reported being very satisfied with the format.

In this week’s app of the week video, we show a product detailing app for dental implants, which includes video tutorials and product specs. Product detailing is richer when Digital Publishing Suite features are applied to the app. For example, 360 degree rotation allows the dentist to see devices from all angles. After the sales rep shares information with the customer, the dentist or oral surgeon can download the app from the app store and refer to the tutorials as needed.

Medical Journal Apps
More than 30% of physicians have an iPad, which far exceeds the national average. This shouldn’t be a surprise — health care professionals are constantly on the go and need access to up-to-date information. Journals from medical associations and companies keep medical professionals on top on the latest advancements.

The high resolution iPad (both the earlier and the new version) allow health care providers to see a high level of detail. In the medical field, microscopy is instrumental in understanding disease formation and therapeutic mechanisms. In addition, videos are the most effective way to model interactions on the cellular level. Therefore, not only do tablet apps engage health professionals on their preferred devices, but they allow journals to more clearly communicate technical, peer reviewed information – especially for people who are constantly in motion.

Patient Education Apps
When patients have health care questions, they often seek it out on their own. In fact, approximately 80% of patients seek out health information on the web. The tablet is a great way to connect with and educate patients, especially since people tend to spend more time consuming content on tablet devices than they do on the web.

In this week’s app of the week video, we show the Mayo Clinic’s app designed to educate the general public about research being performed at the clinic. The articles use videos, pinch and zoom photos, and interactive quizzes to show how diseases progress, and how the therapies designed at the Mary Clinic help slow or stop disease progression.

Tablets are the perfect medium to distribute and communicate accurate medical information – for sales teams, medical professionals, and patients. Check out the app of the week video to see this in action!



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