Fast Company: Always on the Cutting Edge

Magazine readers love the interactivity available through publications produced with Digital Publishing Suite, evidenced by the fact that they use nearly half of the interactive features available through our customers’ titles. With the integration of Adobe Edge into Digital Publishing Suite, we expect to see heightened design powered by HTML5.

When we featured Fast Company in the app of the week series, several Digital Publishing Suite fans commented on the cover page, which allows readers to swipe frost off a pane of glass and reveal the face of Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter. This type of HTML5-based interactivity piques the interest of readers, curious to know what the next issue will entail.

In this video, Noah Robischon from Fast Company and Joe Zeff from Joe Zeff Design show how Adobe Edge’s HTML5 animations can engage and involve readers. In addition, they show how the new Edge + InDesign CS6 + DPS integration allows production staff to easily include these animations in tablet apps.  The integration of Edge and Digital Publishing Suite can heighten design, streamline workflow, and drive readership through enhanced engagement.

Watch the video here:



  • By Dave - 12:50 AM on June 1, 2012  

    Given the video editing tools that are available in the Adobe suites, surely you could have cut a third of that clip where they are fiddling around trying to get it to work. Would have made a much less painful viewing experience.