Publishers Usher in the Next Generation of Digital Publishing Suite

Today marks a transition for magazine and newspaper publishers.  Adobe gathered in New York City along with luminaries from the publishing industry at the 2012 Adobe Digital Publishing Summit to welcome new advancements in digital publishing. Leaders such as Condé Nast, National Geographic, Wenner Media, and Fast Company joined Adobe on stage to highlight how Digital Publishing Suite is making tablet content more engaging, discoverable and dynamic. Stay tuned this week when we will provide video footage of some of these exciting announcements. For more information, see the press release and read the live blog of the event. Today’s announcements include:

  • Content Viewer for iPhone  Publishing to the iPhone and iPod Touch provides an opportunity to reach over 220 million readers globally. Condé Nast’s Scott Dadich and The New Yorker’s Wyatt Mitchell showed concepts of what the The New Yorker could look like on the iPhone, including intuitive navigation, browse mode, interactivity and streamlined content.
  • Alternate Layout  Tablet devices are flourishing and designing content for mobile devices with different screen sizes is challenging. Streamlining production of tablet content for multiple screens allows publishers to reach more readers, more quickly. National Geographic’s Bill Marr along with Lisa Lytton demonstrated the use of alternate layout in InDesign CS6 to efficiently build content for multiple devices, maintaining the integrity of National Geographic’s artfully designed publication while expanding distribution to a wider array of readers across a variety of devices.  National Geographic also announced that they will soon be pushing the monthly magazine to the Kindle Fire.
  • Social Sharing – In today’s social world, capitalizing on brand ambassadors and proliferating content through social sharing is essential to building readership. Wenner Media’s Vicci Lasdon Rose and David Kang showed Digital Publishing Suite’s social sharing capabilities in a preview version of the Us Weekly tablet edition. Social sharing enables publishers to inspire new readers with engaging content, ultimately driving an increase in paying subscribers. Now readers can share articles via Facebook, Twitter, and email directly from a tablet application, allowing friends to read shared content on the desktop or mobile device.
  • Extended Font Embedding Rights – Choosing the right font is essential when shaping the emotion and essence of a story. Geraldine Hessler of Glamour, discussed the nuances of typography and how it makes an emotional impact on readers.  Adobe type guru David Lemon also announced that a select portion of the Adobe Type Library is now available for embedding in folio files (including PDF and HTML formats) with no additional per-use fees. Click here to see a list of over 800 approved fonts that can be used in an application built with Digital Publishing Suite.
  • Adobe Edge for HTML5 – Integration of HTML5 into Digital Publishing Suite applications broadens creative options and audience engagement in interactive tablet publications. Fast Company’s Noah Robischon and Joe Zeff from Joe Zeff Design wowed the audience with Fast Company’s use of HTML5 animation in their tablet editions. Using Adobe Edge, a web motion and interaction design tool, Fast Company showed how designers can seamlessly create custom, interactive animations without knowing the details of CSS, and place those animations into InDesign CS6 to ultimately publish a highly engaging, interactive article using Digital Publishing Suite. Use of Edge animations, which leverage HTML5, can dazzle readers and drive even deeper content engagement.
  • Support for Metric Guidelines.  Adobe also announced that it supports guidelines released by The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) out-of-the-box.  Additionally, Adobe has entered into an alliance with Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) that will allow the auditing agency to independently verify metrics produced by Digital Publishing Suite.

For a blow-by-blow of these announcements, please read the live blog here.





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