Simon & Schuster Promotes Five New Summer Novels with a DPS App

Looking for a good book to read this summer? Not sure where to begin? Check out Simon & Schuster’s new iPad app, which provides recommendations for some great new books to be released this summer.

Free Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, used Digital Publishing Suite to create an application that promotes and merchandises five original fiction novels this week. Summer is around the corner (we hope!) and Free Press knows that the time is right for readers to pick up a new book and journey to a distant location, be it the icy Swedish shore or the Himalayas in India.

The inspirational iPad app piques readers’ interest in upcoming titles – with background on the novels, excerpts from the stories, and deeper information about the locales. This app is organized by title, and each title carries the reader to another corner of the world:

  • Shelter – The Pacific Wilderness
  • The Folded Earth – Himalayan Mountains of India
  • Gone to the Forest – A remote, active volcano
  • The Other Half of Me – Welsh estate gardens
  • Some Kind of Peace – An icy Swedish shore

“Free Press is always looking for innovative ways to promote our authors and reach new readers.  These five novels represent a wealth of talent and entertainment.  We hope this app will showcase our authors in a new way and broaden their audience,” said Martha K. Levin, Free Press Executive Vice President and Publisher.


Behind-the-scenes content lets readers dip their toes into the story before taking the plunge. In this app, I watched a video trailer promoting the book Shelter, a story about two children abandoned by their mother. With pan and zoom features, I toured through a map of Ranikhet, the town where the novel The Folded Earth takes place. Interviews with all five authors personalize the experience, providing insight into each author’s motivation for writing the novel. I’m definitely intrigued, and can’t wait to pick up a title or two this summer.

Check out the video from Simon & Schuster, which provides a peek into the interactive and entertaining app: