Source Interlink Media, LLC: 40 digital editions, 40 days

Source Interlink Media (SIM) is all about fueling people’s passions, whether their interests run toward hot rod cars or home theater systems. With 78 titles, the publisher saw the opportunity to reach even more readers through tablet devices. To quickly repurpose its content, SIM turned to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and new Adobe InDesign software script. The script automates the process of converting PDF files into InDesign files that can be easily imported into Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

With an ambitious goal of having 40 titles live in 40 days, SIM got to work converting its titles. Dale Bryson, prepress director for SIM says, “We’ve automated the process of transforming PDF files to digital editions using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, eliminating what would otherwise be a very labor-intensive, error-prone, and repetitive process.”

Using the script, the 40 titles are all thriving, and available on Apple Newsstand. It takes minimal resources to create the digital editions, which offer SIM a new revenue stream for the company in terms of both subscriptions and advertisements. Using the InDesign script and Digital Publishing Suite, publishers can also convert back issues to digital editions in a fraction of the time it would take to re-create them from scratch.

The InDesign script that SIM used is available from the Digital Publishing Suite Developer Center, at

A tutorial showing publishers how to use the script to automatically create InDesign documents from PDF files that are ready for Digital Publishing Suite is available here:

Read the SIM success story here: