App of the Week – Cook’s Illustrated

America’s Test Kitchen has recently used Digital Publishing Suite to create and distribute a highly interactive version of Cook’s Illustrated magazine on the iPad. Cook’s Illustrated is known for testing recipes with scientific rigor. It also helps us select the perfect products for our kitchens by conducting thorough reviews of products and food brands. The iPad version looks similar to the print version, but with more action and demonstrations.

In this app of the week video, we show how Cook’s Illustrated uses features in Digital Publishing Suite to create a more interactive experience for its readers:

  • Buttons and slideshows for step-by-step cooking instructions, quick tips, and product reviews
  • Videos of cooking procedures and product testing

See it in action in this video!



  • By Rachel - 11:16 PM on June 7, 2012  

    Is there any way to tag all of the Apps of the week so they’re easier to find?
    Love them.

  • By الحاج - 2:53 AM on June 7, 2012  

    very very gooooooood