Celebrating Men’s Health Launch on iPhone

Guest post:   Sean Bumgarner, Interactive Design Director, Rodale Inc.

After working with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite over the last two years to deliver Rodale digital titles to our readers, we’re happy to announce that Rodale is the first publisher in the US to launch an iPhone Newsstand app which can be viewed using new Content Viewer for iPhone.

We already have several branded apps for the iPhone, but this is the first that will give us another way to expand our digital publication delivery to the over 220 million iPhone and iPod Touch users globally. At Rodale, we’re focused on giving our readers the content they crave in new and innovative ways, and this is a great way to continue doing just that.

Men’s Health prides itself in being first to market, so developing our current iPhone app quickly was a natural next step for us. Starting with the September issue, available in August, our team will develop special content designed specifically for iPhone readers which will create an enhanced viewing experience unavailable on other devices. The current issue (June), and the next issue (July/August) leverage PDF stacks within each folio that were redesigned for iPhone readability.

Providing a seamless and engaging multi-platform experience to our readers is important to us. We’re also pleased to offer our existing iPad subscribers access to the digital version of the magazine on their iPhones for no extra charge.

Visit us and download the new app in the iTunes App Store here.



  • By Blair Hamill - 6:34 PM on July 9, 2012  

    Cool app with tons of potential! Couple of questions after downloading the file onto my iphone:

    1) Interactive navigation (such as navto://link, urls, video) seems to be missing. Is this something you choose to omit or are there issues with digital publishing suite overlays and iphone?

    2) Takes a long time to navigate page-by-page. Do you have some workarounds planned for future issues?

    3) Was this an “out-of-the box” dps job, or did developers have to rework any files?

    4) Guess this one is for Adobe: How do single-folio small shops like mine get access to this without the cash for large corporate licenses? Anything in the works to offer up iphone folio access with similar cost structure of ipad folio licensing?

    Great job guys!