Scientific American Launched with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

By Teresa Demel

Tuesday night, I received the news from the Digital Publishing Suite team that Scientific American launched its publication on the iPad. I personally have always enjoyed Scientific American because it builds a bridge between the research community and science & technology enthusiasts such as myself, and provides an easily accessible way to see how the latest advancements impact our lives. The digital edition will surely please its existing readership.

Direct Entitlement
When I downloaded the magazine, I got to experience direct entitlement as a customer. I used my account number from my print subscription, gave them my last name, and within a minute, the digital edition was mine. It was a seamless experience. 

Integrating Current Content with HTML
The Scientific American website is constantly pulling in up-to-date content from its editors and blogger community. Current articles are incorporated into the tablet publication, allowing Scientific American to provide daily updates from the scientific community. This increases the value of the publication because readers can use one channel to consume both longer articles from the print publication and current content from the website.

Enhanced Design
Scientific American always includes carefully designed diagrams to clarify complex concepts with impactful visuals. When you download the app, check out the 360 degree view of the Mars Rover and the molecular mechanism of HIV. The iPad edition uses Digital Publishing Suite to enrich the existing content with videos, audio interviews, interactive graphics and slide shows.

Read the press release from Scientific American
Download the Scientific American for iPad from the iTunes Store



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