Just Launched: Architectural Digest and Lucky Magazine

Condé Nast published WIRED using Digital Publishing Suite over two years ago and has since standardized on the platform, using it to roll out iconic publications such as Vogue, Glamour and The New Yorker on leading tablet devices. With 18 Condé Nast titles published to tablets using Digital Publishing Suite, many of which have received an “Outstanding App” rating from the iMonitor report and been highly rated on the app store, Condé Nast is moving forward with two new titles on iPad, Kindle Fire, and the Nook.  Architectural Digest and Lucky magazine, also built with Digital Publishing Suite are sure to see the same success.

Architectural Digest delivers spectacular photographs in tablet application

Architectural Digest is considered a must read by both professional and inspiring interior designers, with a total audience of nearly five million.  Loyal readers expect and love the high value photography and inspirational editorial included in the magazine.  Featuring cultural trends, design innovations, and travel recommendations, AD takes readers around the world highlighting stunning architecture and interior design.  The tablet application is uniquely built to provide readers with a subtle and elegant use of interactivity that supports the editorial.

  • Readers can tap on captions to hide them, revealing a beautifully decorated room
  • Slideshows allow readers to see a building from multiple angles – provide readers to experience and become more immersed in a residence  than the printed page allows
  • Janet Echelman’s public artwork is captured on video. Although photography can show the dramatic line and form of her sculptures, only video can fully communicate the impact of her inventive lighting against the night sky.

Lucky Magazine Blends Editorial and Commerce

Lucky calls itself the “Ultimate Shopping Guide,” spotting and recommending clothing, shoes, and accessories for women. As Editor in Chief Brandon Holley describes in her opening letter, the editorial staff has to love the items that they recommend, and that item needs to be available for purchase. The personality of the staff comes through the editorial, and reading the magazine feels a little like shopping with a friend.

The Lucky digital edition makes it easy to shop directly from the pages by tapping on the credits. This blend of commerce and editorial is a win-win for the publication and the merchandisers whose clothing, accessories and jewelry are featured in the digital issue, driving revenue for the brands and a subscriber base for Lucky.  The image below illustrates how readers can tap on the article of clothing and purchase it without leaving the app. The caption below opens up the Philip Lim e-commerce website. Readers can make a purchase, close the web page, and return directly to the publication and reading experience.


Lucky magazine also has a promotional discount program called “Lucky Breaks” that builds up a database of very engaged customers. The tablet edition provides exclusive offers not available on the website (pictured below), which will likely accelerate subscription revenue and grow a bigger following of loyal Lucky readers who love their shopping discounts.

With this application, Lucky is exploring new business models outside of subscriber and advertising revenue.  While Lucky doesn’t currently take a cut of any sales made through the app, this may not always be the case. Holley told WWD that   the magazine may eventually partner with retailers in a revenue-sharing scheme, but did not offer a timeline.  The blurring between magazine and catalog shopping experience continues.  Magazines offer a perfect opportunity to turn readers into consumers by blending lifestyle editorial with the ability to swipe through an issue and “sort out your wardrobe” with a single click.




  • By Marina - 2:25 PM on August 14, 2012  

    Looks great, a good practical example of how to put DPS to good use. I specifically like what they did in Architectural Digest.

  • By matheus - 9:12 PM on August 6, 2012  

    Deve ser muito bom