Men’s Health Follows iPhone Debut with Dynamically Designed Issue

Men’s Health, published by Rodale Inc. and the world’s largest men’s magazine brand with print circulation of 1.9M, was the first Digital Publishing Suite magazine to be developed for the iPhone. It launched in June 2012 and saw a leap in mobile readership. Today, the September issue has been released offering a dynamic, interactive reading experience, designed specifically for the 3.5” screen.

The magazine industry recognizes the opportunity to reach 220 million iPhone and iPod Touch users as important for driving loyalty and growth in its subscriber base while providing a unique platform for advertising sponsorships.  In their newest iPhone issue, Men’s Health has developed a thoughtfully designed interface that provides the same high quality reading experience as tablet and print.

The team at Rodale had two major goals with this latest issue – make a magazine experience that was highly tuned to portability and deliver dynamic content that leveraged the multimedia capabilities of the iPhone. The design and production team at Rodale structured the iPhone app layout based on the smartphone user experience. The iPhone app allows a reader to easily jump in and out of content – read quick statistics while waiting in line or reference a workout routine while at the gym. Readers can also dive deeper into an article when riding the subway or sitting on the couch at home.

To enable a clean user experience, the team implemented innovative, top level navigation which includes colorful iconography that organizes information in a very visual way, as well as title pages with large font that dissolve into the article.  The team also made smart use of overlays – such as videos of workout routines and an audio recording of Garrison Keillor. With the iPhone screen size, the publisher has successfully maintained a proper balance between imagery and text so that the content feels natural to consume.

Rodale has already seen the Men’s Health iPhone and iPad apps bring new readers to the brand and re-engage previous subscribers. Men’s Health readers are sure to be pleased with the latest iPhone app, finding it easy to progress from short- to long-form reading.  The iPhone application joins the highly successful iPad app and has let the Rodale brand shine in a different mobile channel, giving them a boost in building a strong brand in the digital space.

The app of the week video shows off the iPhone user experience. The content remains the same as the print edition and iPad app, but the design changes based on the form factor and user experience. Check out the video below to see how the Rodale team designed the app for a small screen, while still delivering an engaging and fun reading experience.

Watch the video here:


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