The New Yorker Released on iPhone












Today, The New Yorker iPhone edition launched using Digital Publishing Suite. The iPhone app has every story and cartoon included in the print edition made more engaging through smart use of interactivity.

Delivered each Monday to a reader’s mobile device, the singular content and classic design of the magazine has been translated to the iPhone platform allowing The New Yorker to build their brand and extend their reach to 220 million iPhone and iPod Touch users worldwide. Smartphones are a constant in readers’ daily lives, and publishing to the iPhone gives The New Yorker another opportunity to connect with its existing readers as well as new audiences – while on the go, waiting in line, or sitting on the couch at home.

The iPhone app includes all the great content from the print issue, plus the highly engaging audio, video, and slideshow features included in the iPad app. With the iPhone app, the design and editorial teams at The New Yorker have proven that the integrity of a magazine can be maintained on a small screen. With thoughtful design and a keen understanding of how their readers  like to engage with digital issues, The New Yorker has proven that long form content can be easy to consume and navigate,  while honoring the branding of the magazine, and taking advantage of the iPhone’s connectedness and multimedia capabilities.

The greatest strength of The New Yorker’s iPhone application design is its information architecture.  The design team has approached it from a perspective of content hierarchy, with clear section headings that allow readers to drill down into topics. As an example, see the screenshot below. The Talk of the Town has sections and titles that are easily read on the small screen, allowing readers to scan the headers and open up a folder to read more.












Ever since Digital Publishing Suite launched, readers have been asking to see their favorite magazines on their smartphones. The demand is there. It will be exciting to see iPhone issues evolve as readers’ demands shape the type of content and layout presented on the iPhone.

Teresa Demel will be exploring The New Yorker iPhone app in more detail in an App of the Week video.  Stay tuned.

Download the app on the iTunes store!