Sotheby’s: Exploring the Extraordinary

The iPad, with its rich visual display and interactive quality, enables content publishers to create app experiences that are the next best thing to seeing something in person. This is certainly true in the case of Sotheby’s Catalogues, an iPad app created by the distinguished auction house to extend and enhance its print catalogue experience.

Every year, Sotheby’s conducts more than 300 auctions, and print catalogues published for each auction are deeply valued by Sotheby’s clients. Collectors can view items in person at an exhibition held a week prior to each auction, but those who can’t make the exhibition now have another option. Using the Sotheby’s Catalogues app, collectors can immerse themselves in an object’s beauty and rich history through video, 360‐degree views, pinch‐and‐zoom images, and other forms of tactile, emotive exploration.

For Sotheby’s, the app represents an opportunity to further engage clients. Designers leverage the print layout and use Digital Publishing Suite to layer in interactive capabilities to produce the digital edition. The app includes a host of interactive features, including the ability for collectors to take notes just as they do in the print catalogues and the opportunity to see results in real time as an auction progresses. Adobe Digital Marketing Suite helps Sotheby’s continue enhancing the client experience by showing what content drives engagement.

Josh Pullan Vice President, Worldwide Director of Digital Media Services at Sotheby’s says, “Through the combination of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, we’re learning how to promote our sales and auctions in the most effective ways and deliver an elegant experience for clients.”

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