App of the Week – Fitness Magazine

By Teresa Demel

Meredith Corporation uses Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to create Fitness Magazine for the iPad. This app of the week video features easy to follow workouts and recipes created through interactive overlays, as well as high value product placement that drives readers toward immediate purchase.

While the digital version of Fitness appears similar to the print version of the magazine, style sections with product placement allow readers to view a fashion layout, tap on the product description, and then open up a web overlay to visit the product store and make a purchase – all without without leaving the app. The reading and shopping experience blend together, resulting in instant gratification for both the reader and the retailer.

Flipping through the magazine, readers can follow workouts that use a combination of how-to videos as well as photos and written descriptions, catering to readers who may be following the workouts in public, or in the privacy of their own home. In the nutrition section, recipes are neatly displayed as slideshow overlays, allowing readers to flip through different versions of omelet preparation.

Digital Publishing Suite Overlays Featured:

  • Web overlays for product placement
  • Video overlays for workouts
  • Slideshow / Multistate objects for workouts and recipes
  • Bookmarking

Watch the Fitness App of the Week video here:



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  • By Anthony - 6:49 AM on September 14, 2012  

    As a developer that’s sits in his chair all day for 12 hours, this might be a good app for me! 🙂