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National Geographic magazine inspires people to care about planet Earth through stunning photography and unparalleled journalism. Now, the iconic and enduring print magazine has extended its legacy into the future with digital editions, created using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition. National Geographic views delivery of content to multiple devices as a competitive imperative. Digital editions attract a new and very attentive readership at a rapid pace, confirming that the new formats for iPad and Kindle Fire deliver a satisfying, immersive experience.

Declan Moore, president of publishing at National Geographic Society, says, “Digital editions have become the fastest growing piece of our business. We’re on track to acquire or exceed a paid digital circulation of 300,000 by the end of 2012, and have plans to expand to other form factors and reach half a million subscribers in the near future.”

The digital editions complement the print version, both from creative and financial standpoints. How the magazine will be presented both in print and digitally is a focus from the start and the team keeps a close eye on production costs and time to achieve a solid return on investment. According to designers, as well as copy and photo editors, Digital Publishing Suite works well within the existing Adobe workflow, and enhancements such as Adaptive Design Tools in InDesign CS6, help the team efficiently publish to multiple devices.

New features help maximize digital publishing productivity and manage costs because each time a digital edition is created, the original iPad version can be easily optimized for the Kindle Fire in a fraction of the time. This ability to quickly create tablet issues for multiple devices directly affects the company’s ability to drive recurring subscriptions and advertising revenue, both of which are key to the publisher’s continued growth and success.


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  • By Ashley - 4:59 AM on February 7, 2013  

    I really want to know how they did the press to reveal part of the app at: 0:46. Any idea at all please?

  • By Anthony - 7:19 AM on September 27, 2012  

    Great work, NG magazine is one of my favorites.