The SoDA Report Uses Digital Publishing Suite for iPad and Kindle Fire Apps

The SoDA Report, published by The Global Society for Digital Marketing Innovators (SoDA), is a popular resource for marketers who want to know what’s on the industry horizon. In 2012, SoDA decided to distribute The SoDA Report as an immersive tablet app. SoDA worked together with interactive agency Universal Mind to create editions of the report for the iPad and Kindle Fire using Adaptive Design Tools in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Enterprise Edition.

SoDA production designers created the layout in InDesign and Universal Mind then added interactive features to the files to produce the tablet editions for iPad and Kindle Fire using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. The tablet version offers a new way to reach people who endeavor to be on the cutting edge of digital—and serves as an example for member agencies looking to rapidly create engaging apps for tablets that function across different device platforms.
Chris Buettner, director of operations for SoDA and managing editor of The SoDA Report, says “SoDA’s mission is to provide education, advocacy, and best practices for digital agencies and production companies. By using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, we have created tablet editions that mirror our mission by providing best-in-class examples of digital publishing that will only get richer with each subsequent version.”

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  • By Adobe Digital Publishing - 2:28 PM on September 24, 2012  

    Hi Lora,

    We call that restricted distribution. See this article in the Adobe Developer Center:

  • By Lora - 4:10 PM on September 13, 2012  

    I have what feels like a stupid question, but it’s really limited my ability to use Adobe Digital Publishing up until now…

    My content is not something that I want open to the world to see. There are a handful of people related to a project that need to see it. If I put this on the app store, can I “hide” it so only invited people could download the app? I didn’t think it was possible, but this story makes me think maybe it is. The fact that I couldn’t find this document on the app store reassured me even more.

    This would be SO HUGE for me and my clients if I could simply publish an app (even if I did a nominal charge for it) rather than making them go through Adobe Content Viewer which is a laborious and not-at-all user-friendly process.

    Thanks for any feedback!

  • By Anthony - 1:50 PM on September 13, 2012  

    As an interactive developer this is definitely something I’m looking at and with Adobe cloud I can try different services and software without buying them outright which gives me options without paying loads for it.

    Nice post.