App of the Week – Reader’s Digest on Kindle Fire HD

Reader’s Digest has continued to innovate in digital publishing, staying on top of changes in the device industry. Since the beginning, the Reader’s Digest team has endeavored to be on as many tablets as possible. The Kindle Fire HD was released on September 14th, and it comes as no surprise that Reader’s Digest was available for the device on day one.

The print version of Reader’s Digest is the size of a paperback, so the content easily translates to the 7-inch screen size. The advantage of the tablet publication is that the reader can still lean back and consume content, but also take quizzes and get immediate feedback on their answers, share photos on Pinterest, and watch videos that enhance the story.

Hardware manufacturers continue to release tablets of varying sizes and expanding capabilities, creating better opportunities for readers and publishers. The Adaptive Design Tools in InDesign have been developed to allow publishers to publish to multiple screen sizes, reaching more readers on their preferred mobile devices. Reader’s Digest is proof that the ability to publish high definition photos and video with Dolby Digital sound is an opportunity for publishers to create enhanced experiences for readers.

–       Download Reader’s Digest on Amazon Kindle Fire
–       Read Mercy Pilkington’s article in Good eReader about Digital Publishing Suite apps optimized for the Kindle Fire HD
–       Watch the Reader’s Digest app of the week video on Adobe TV:



  • By Carole - 1:27 AM on June 5, 2013  

    Where do I find the download of Adobe Flashplayer for Kindle Fire?

  • By kakie hester - 4:31 AM on March 18, 2013  

    How do I load flash player on my Kindle Fire?

  • By amanda - 6:06 AM on January 12, 2013  

    does anyone know which to download for kindle or at least how to find it?

  • By Terry - 12:35 PM on January 5, 2013  

    Where is the flash player at for the fire hd? Getting pretty tired of looking, this thing is fixing to go back!!!

  • By KindleDev - 12:59 AM on December 18, 2012  

    I was reading amazon reviews of the Reader’s Digest for Kindle. there doesn’t seem to be too many happy users as the reviews are split 50% `5 Star` and the other %50 on `1 Star`.
    many of the `1Star` reviewers are saying the paper version of Reader’s Digest is much better than the Kindle edition.

  • By Natalie - 3:58 PM on November 21, 2012  

    how can i download flashplayer on my new kindle fire hd. I live in the caribbean.

  • By Anthony - 8:43 AM on October 8, 2012  

    Has anyone tried the Kindle Fire HD in bright sunlight? is it readable?