Lakeland & Digital Publishing Suite: Bringing Retail to Life

Lakeland, a home shopping pioneer, offers a virtually unrivalled collection of creative kitchenware, practical ideas for the home and garden, and inspiring gifts from around the world. To acquire new customers, enhance its well-established brand, and bring its catalogues to life, Lakeland created a lifestyle-inspired app using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Professional Edition.

Stephanie Mansfield, editor at Lakeland, says, “With our new Lakeland app created with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, we are already seeing anecdotal evidence that new, distinct customers who have never been to our website or downloaded an app are starting to interact with us.”

Lakeland is connecting with younger, digitally savvy audiences—as well as new customers—by enabling them to enjoy content such as tips, recipes, and helpful project ideas digitally, on their iPad. The new iPad app is themed to provide seasonal editorial content, with products featured in the context of the seasonal recipes, tips, and projects for that issue. Showcasing products in creative, inspiring ways and including links to the website and social networks helps to drive purchases and encourages customers to share ideas and opinions on their favorite social sharing sites, creating community around the Lakeland brand.

The first app was very successful with many thousands of downloads, which include many customers who had not previously interacted with the brand. The company works closely with its agency to produce its print catalogues using Adobe Creative Suite software, and leverages the same tools for perfecting imagery, creating the layout and design, and adding interactivity in the iPad app. The digital edition takes six to eight weeks to create, from planning to publication—and many elements used for print can be reused for digital publishing with Digital Publishing Suite, helping to streamline costs and increase digital ROI.

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Lakeland: Inspiring New Customers



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